Inspiration is one of those words that I thought got thrown around way too often. Inspirational quotes, books, and speakers used to confuse me. It was hard for me to wrap my head around how someone can be inspired by so many things. “Doesn’t their ‘inspiration tank’ fill up?” I thought to myself. I believed that this mindset of being affected by others’ words and/or actions in this way was a sign of vulnerability. I had the rigid mindset of “Can’t you find inspiration within yourself?” While yes, being an inspiration to yourself can be gratifying, being inspired by others can be even more rewarding. Recognizing the beauty, goodness, and dedication in others can not only bring fresh ideas and (you guessed it) inspiration, but it can even a new friend or improved mindset as well. Making the conscious decision to allow others to impact me in a positive way whenever I saw fit is perhaps one of the constructive things I could have done to improve my mentality. I have noticed this change has beneficially impacted the way I think, and therefore the way I act. I look forward to inspiring you, and to be inspired by you too!

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