It is obvious that the passing of time is inevitable. I have frequently come across the phrase ‘it goes by in a blink of an eye’ and often found myself relaying the same advice. Despite this, we continue to rush through our days. We rush to work, to school, to the gym, our eating, we even play our podcasts at double speed to consume more content in a shorter amount of time. This translates into our mind as well- a brain repeatedly racing all day long. (Did you know the average human has up to 3,300 thoughts per hour?)

We as humans living today are normalized to this rushing in order to fit more experiences (or tasks) into your schedule. What if instead we were intentional about how we spent our time in order to fit in all that needs to get done AND all that you want to pursue. Being intentional with your time can be seen as having more focus on your task at hand. By doing this, we can truly participate in our day to day lives both in a physical sense and in an emotional sense due to our thoughts being premeditated to have only positive outcomes. Manifest your thoughts and see

positive outcomes shine through!

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